June 2018

31 luxury serviced apartments are available to rent in San Stefano Plaza. These interior-designed and beautifully equipped flats range in size to suit all needs: from one bedroom apartments through to four bedroom apartments.

They are offered to the rental market by Cleves – a premier investor, owner and operator of more than 100 residential rental apartments in 6 buildings on the territory of Sofia. In March 2018, San Stefano Property Development entered into an agreement with Cleves to create the interior design, perform project management and subsequently operate rental apartments in San Stefano Plaza Complex.

‘San Stefano Plaza is a multifunctional complex constructed of high-quality building materials providing a high living standard in beautiful and quiet green surroundings. A healthy indoor environment with plenty of natural light is ensured through automated sun protection, external sound insulation, and thermographic surveys of the buildings. A roof-mounted photovoltaic installation powers an electric vehicle charging station in the car park. All plants in the complex are irrigated via an automated irrigation system collecting rain water in an underground rainwater tank,’ said M.Eng. Nikolay Karayanev, Executive Director of San Stefano Property Development at the official launching ceremony of the new project Cleves San Stefano. He also added that each apartment is equipped with an automated building management system which controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment with direct integration into security, access control, CCTV, and other life and safety systems.

Cleves San Stefano is a terrific building in an exceptional location which will appeal to Cleves’ clients. We have worked with San Stefano Property Developments to fit out these apartments to our usual high standards and we are delighted to announce that from 12 June 2018 we will be able to offer them for rent,’ said Mr. Peter Diakov, General Manager of Cleves.

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